Salesforce Routing

If you have sales people who are hitting the road everyday for customer visits, it’s not enough to minimize their mileage. Your sales representative’s performance is shaped by:

  • The hours spent on the road
  • The skill-set alignment with customers’/location’s needs
  • Respecting the desired visiting time windows of their customers
  • Establishing a lasting relationship with customers
  • A predictable work schedule and visibility

Classical routing solutions just focus on minimizing the distance they travel so that you can save on fuel costs. Is that enough?

Our Solution

  • Provides a flexible routing objective where you can combine fuel and personnel costs with rewards and penalties that arise from different assignments between customers-personnel, personnel-vehicle, vehicle-location, and customer-customer
  • Allows fixing part of the solution yourself and leave the rest to our optimizer
  • Quickly determines a feasible solution and lets you decide how much optimization you need on top of that by setting run time limits
  • Allows you to build routes which will reward a match between a large-account customer and a seasoned-personnel while penalizing the assignment of new personnel with low experience as long as the reward justifies additional fuel costs
  • Opening and closing hours of each location and specific time-windows of each order are considered for customer satisfaction and feasibility
  • In a tight day with many orders and low resources, important orders can be given high priority to minimize lateness of critical orders

No more manual adjustments, just put all your business objectives, costs, rules, priorities, partially-fixed routes, and leave the rest to our optimizer which will balance everything for you in seconds.

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