Merchandise Planning For Retailers

Retailer’s World

  • Retailers are growing with increasing number of retail stores at home and abroad, and serving more diverse markets with unique and dynamic conditions
  • Product offerings are refreshed more frequently due to intense competition and rapid changes in consumer behavior, which requires more responsive supply chains and proactive planning mechanisms
  • Having the right selection of products at the right store at the right time increases sales, eliminates discounts to liquidate inventory, and reduces logistics costs to move items between stores
  • You desire to be more and more customer-centric by better understanding the dynamic interaction of your customers with your brands, products and sales channels

Our Solution

  • Optimization-based decision support systems to connect demand projections, product availability and supply chain realities to determine the right allocation of products to each store
  • Creative and innovative statistical models that can integrate various drivers of demand to predict inventory-to-sales conversion at each price point at each store for each product at a given time
  • Portfolio management approach to consider the uncertainty in demand forecasts and interactions between different sale items
  • Capturing and blending expert opinions with numerical data to extract the synergy of human and artificial intelligence
  • Connecting the decisions of Marketing and Supply Chain teams of organizations for holistic management of the entire planning process

New Era of Retail

  • Technology keeps changing our lives and businesses, now it’s time for retailers to reap the benefits of these technological developments for better planning
  • Increasing availability of internal and external data to measure Brand Power, Channel Characteristics, Product Attributes and Customer Segments at more granular levels
  • Development of powerful and scalable web-based data storage and processing infrastructure for more complex analysis and real-time sharing of recommendations
  • Ability to collect and report customer visits, orders, sales, inventory levels, product unavailability, and complaints to call centers at real-time through your ERP systems

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